How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, but blogging is one of the best and suitable way by which you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. you can also check the Top Best 4 Platform to Earn Money Online

Start a blog and you can share your experience, knowledge through your blog. which you can also make money online.
Learn before starting a blog. What does a blog mean? And is taken from where.

Blog is a short form of “weblog”.

A blog is an online general or informational website. This is a forum where an author or a group of writers share their thoughts on an individual topic through a post.

Different articles are written on the blog which we know as post and the person who created that post is known as Blogger.

How To Start A Blog

These six methods will help you to make a good blog. With which you will be able to earn money online.
  • Choose a blog name.
  • How to setup your blog.
  • Customize & design your blog.
  • Add your pages & post.
  • Promote your post.
  • Make money online with your blog.

1. Choose a blog name

To create a blog, first of all, we have to select the name of our blog, the name that we can tell people that our blog will be processed by this name, which we call a link.

And the same link is called the domain name. By searching the domain name, we land on the homepage of our blog.

Choose your domain name wisely. Your domain name should be such that anyone can understand what your blog is about and is easily pronounced and always remembered.

For example, if you want to create a blog related to technology, then your domain name should be similar to Tech. If related to the job, then something must be similar to the job. If related to Sport, it should be similar to Sport.

The name of your blog should be simple and easy for people to remember easily. And by your blog name people can understand which topic your blog is on.

After choosing the domain name, the most important thing is to choose the hosting which contains images, videos and all the files of your blog.

I will recommend you Bluehost which is very easy to use and cheap. You can check or sign up plans by clicking on Bluehost.

2. How to setup your blog

Just visit and you will see something like this, you have to click on the “Get Started Now” button. After that you will see the hosting plan page.

(I) – Select your perfect hosting plan

After that you will see 4 types of plans.

If you just want to create a blog, then basic plan is good for you.

But if you have to create more than one blog, then Choice Plus plan will be perfect for you. Because it can use more than one blog on the same hosting plan and in this you will get domain privacy free.

Chose your plan then click Select button

(II) – Register your domain name

Next it ask you to type your domain name. I have previously explained how to choose an ideal domain name for a blog. If you are thinking of a good domain name in your mind, enter it in ‘new domain’ and check availability.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

After finalize your a domain then click the next button.

If you have already registered a domain and want to use it with Bluehost hosting. you can type that domain name in the “I have a domain name” field and click ‘Next’.

(III) – Signup process

The next step is to complete your registration to start a blog for which you have to fill your information and formalities.

You can also sign with Google account or enter your information as shown in the account or the image below.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online
(IV) – Select your plan

I recommend you buy for 36 months. Because you will get it at a cheap rate of $ 5.95 per month.

If you buy for 12 months then you will get $7.95 per month.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

You will get encrypted SSL free in all these plans. SSL will convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS. When people visit your site then their browser will tell them that this website is secure. Which will make people trust your site.

You do not need to buy SiteLock, Codegurad Basic and Bluehost SEO. They are already ticking. Just uncheck all the checkboxes and see the total price.

You choose any plan, you will get domain privacy protection free. This will protect you from spammers.

(V) – Place order

Fill your Credit Card details and you can also pay with PayPal. Choose the one that suits you.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

Read the ‘terms and use’ then tick the ‘checkbox’ and click on submit button to complete order.

Next, Welcome Page

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online
(v) – Create your password

Now click on create password and enter your password on the first box and then re enter the same password on the second box.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

Create a strong password then click ‘next’ button.

And in the next page you will be asked to select a theme. Choose if you like a theme. Otherwise press the skip button.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

Next click on the ‘Start Building’ button and complete your blog settings.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

After that you can go to your WordPress blog dashboard or click on ‘Go to my bluehost account’ and go to your bluehost account.

Your Bluehost account dashboard will look something like this.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

You can login directly to your WordPress account from here.

And the next important part to start your blog.

3. Customize & design your blog

Your dashboard will look something like this. By using all these settings, we can create a professional blog or website.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

(I) – Appearance :- Go to the first “appearance”, click on Add New, then type your theme name on the search, then install it and then activate.

If you already have a theme download. So click on “upload theme” and you can upload your theme.

(II) – Plugins :- After that go to “plugins” and install and activate the plugin as per your need.

  • Elementor Page Builder – First of all, install Element Page Builder, in which you will get many free templates which you can use in your blog. If you want, you can also buy its pro version.
  • Mailchimp – This plugin is also very useful if your reader subscribes to your blog by Email. And then whenever you publish a new post, the notification will reach all those readers on one click.
  • These are some important plugins that will help your blog such as contact form 7, Google Analytics, wp smush etc.

(III) – Users :- If you want to keep people for your blog like post writers etc., then you have to create an account for them which is created on the users.

For that, click on users. You will see something shown on the picture below.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

The user whose account you want to create. Fill all their details that are being asked from you.

The most important thing is that the administrator should not make anyone in the role. With this, the user will get limited options so that no one can change the design and settings of your blog.

(IV) – Permalink :- Go to Settings, click on Permalink and select the “post name” and then Save Changes. Which will make your post SEO friendly.

How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online

4. Add your pages & post

(I) – Pages :- Different types of pages are made in the website. Such as home page, contact page, about page etc.

I have recommended you to install “Elementor” plugin which can make you a good premium page and in which you will also get many free templates so that you can create perfect pages absolutely free.
You can also buy its pro version.

(II) – Posts :- After starting the blog, you publish the post on a regular basis. Your starting 25-30 posts should be of at least 1000 words on which topic your blog is. Your images and content should be attractive so that people read your post.

5. Promote your post

After writing the posts, it is most important to make all the posts accessible to the public so that more and more people see your posts and your blog gets recognized.

  • “Facebook” is most famous and people use the most, by sharing in it you can give good recognition to your blog.
  • You can also attract good traffic by sharing on “WhatsApp”.
  • And most people are using “Instagram” at present time. By sharing in it, you can get the best and the most traffic.
  • There are many social media platforms where you can share your blog & posts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

6. Make money online with your blog

There are many ways to earn money, by which you can earn a lot of money. You can earn a lot of money by placing “advertisements” on your blog and “affiliate marketing”.

But initially you should start with “Google Adsense” and “Amazon Associate” only.

  • Sign up on Google Adsense (try it when some traffic starts coming to your blog). Google will show Ads on your blog. You will get money when your visitors click on the Ads.
  • Just sign up with Amazon Associates and Sign Up And whenever you put affiliate links on your blog, you will get some percentage of your visitors shopping any product from your link.

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