Top Best 4 Platform to Earn Money Online

These 4 platforms from which you can earn a lot of money online. Which you can also do by sitting at your home. So be your own boss. And earn money online.


To earn money online, if you experience on one of these four platforms, then you can earn good money. And you can make a good fame.

You can earn money But not everyone gets fame.

Join them and become your own boss.

1- Blogging (become a blogger)

Blogging can be a very good platform for you. With which you can earn crores of rupees. And people are also earning money online from their blogs.

Earn Money Online
Become a Blogger

First of all, know what is blogging ?

Blog is a short form of “weblog”.

A blog is an online general or informational website. This is a forum where an author or a group of writers share their thoughts on an individual topic through a post.

Different articles are written on the blog which we know as post and the person who created that post is known as Blogger.

How to start blog

These 6 Things That Will Help You Build A Good Blog.

  • Choose a blog name.
  • How to setup your blog.
  • Customize & design your blog.
  • Add your pages & post.
  • Promote your post.
  • Make money online with your blog.

To start your blog, you can check the post by clicking on A Complete Guide on How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online. In which the post is written in delailed.

2- Youtube (become a youtuber)

In today’s time, there is no one who does not know about YouTube. YouTube is a good platform. Through which you can show your talent and earn money online.

Earn Money Online
Become Youtube Creater

How to create an account on YouTube

To create an account in YouTube. Sign in with your email Id.

After that the topic on which you create your content. Write about it in the given Description box.

Most Impotant –

  • Select your channel name. And choose your URL.
  • The most important thing. Upload Daily Video Which will increase your views and subscribers fast.
  • You will be able to monetiezation your channel when you have a watch time of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours in a year.

You can earn money online by sitting at home.

3- Afiiliate Marketing

You can also become a millionaire by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Earn Money Online
Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a successful and profitable platform. In which you can get a good commission by selling their product with any big product selling companies.

Some of the best product selling companies whose affiliate you can earn good by joining.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground

Affiliate marketing is the right approach. To earn money online. Create your affiliate account on the given platform and earn money. There are many platforms on which you can go and create your affiliate account and earn money online.

4- Social Media

Right now social media is very trending platform through which a good traffic can be created and by writing good posts you can win their trust.

Earn Money Online
Social Media

If you have good followers on your social media and good posts are started on the written posts, then companies will approach you to advertise their product, if you advertise their product on your social media page, then you get good money in return will get. The amount of money you talked to them.

Some things that will help you win people’s hearts.

  • Write good posts so people trust you.
  • Answer the questions of the people.
  • Before advertising any product, use it yourself to see if the product is good or not. If it is good then advertise that product otherwise do not.

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